Data Annotation

Our data annotation services ensure that your AI and machine learning models receive high-quality, accurately labeled data for improved performance. We offer a wide range of annotation services to cater to your unique needs.

Data Collection

Cohort Data offers a diverse range of data collection methods to gather information for research, ASR, TTS, NLP, Computer Vision, and AI/ML data modeling purposes. Our techniques vary from simple self-reported surveys to more complex experiments, encompassing both quantitative and qualitative approaches to data gathering. Depending on your requirements, we utilize primary and/or secondary data collection methods to curate datasets for your AI/ML model training.

Data Transcription

Our data transcription services convert audio and video content into text format, ensuring accurate and consistent transcriptions for various applications.

Data Moderation

Our data moderation services ensure that your platform maintains high-quality content while adhering to community guidelines and regulations.

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