Fully Managed Service (FMS)

Hire Our Fully Managed Turnkey Annotation Service with Focus on Speed, Accuracy, and Reliability

Our scalable internal team of data annotators and SMEs establishes new projects for clients and generates accurately labelled training datasets for computer vision, natural language processing, and data classification use cases with an emphasis on efficiency.

Comprehensive Management

We deal with end-to-end solutions and offer a complete package, from initial setup to ongoing management. Our one-stop shop for comprehensive management services includes the real estate sector, business centers, malls, IT sector, to name a few.

Expert Guidance

Gain from the knowledge of our devoted team for the best performance and outcomes. With our fully managed services, you’ll get opinions and guidance on your company, your shop, or your marketing initiatives. Consult our experts today!

Tailored Solutions

Each client is different. Your unique needs and requirements are considered when designing our fully managed service. We always take a synergistic and flexible approach to developing a unique solution, which has enabled us to successfully manage a large clientele.

Peace of Mind

You can focus on growth by feeling at ease knowing that the work is being handled by qualified hands. With professional assistance, you can rest assured that your project is handled by experts and will be delivered to you within the stipulated time.

Embrace the Hassle-Free Benefits of Fully Managed Turnkey Annotation Services

Efficiency and Focus

Hand over non-core tasks and maximize your resources to free up your time to concentrate on the activities that advance your company. We are knowledgeable about your goods or services and can respond to your customers' questions right away. Gain efficiency in providing customer service and learn what metrics to monitor.

Expertise at Your Disposal

Access a group of professionals who are committed to managing, preserving, and improving your services. Our professionals are available to assist you in designing and creating the solution you need thanks to their vast experience. Consult with experienced experts today!


Enjoy the advantages of a highly qualified team without the administrative expenses associated with running an internal department. With a customer-driven strategy, we offer a full one-stop-shop solution and support clients during the validation process.

Scalability and Flexibility

You can easily scale up or down your managed services to meet shifting business needs, giving you total control. Our professionals make it simple for your company to upscale or downscale its IT needs as needed.

Experience Efficiency Redefined – Embrace Our Comprehensive Fully Managed Services

Data Management & Security

We maintain constant data monitoring, strict process management, and a use-and-destroy policy to guarantee your data is kept private, secure, and handled with the utmost care. Leverage comprehensive data security services that give your company protection, a defence against threats, and threat readiness. Call the professionals right away!

Project Management

We provide project management consulting to complete a single project with set guidelines, from modest to multi-billion-dollar projects. We apply tried-and-true methodologies, cutting-edge ideas, and best practices to a range of projects that involve business transformation, complex IT system initiatives, regulatory compliance, or other crucial issues.

Solution Design

Delivering practical, affordable AI-driven solutions that help businesses grow. Our team of professionals oversee the architectural and technical enablement of software based on customer outcomes, technologies, and industries by using a shared pool of knowledgeable resources. You’re just a call away to get in touch with our solution design experts today!

Quality Management

Our system includes real-time quality reports as feedback for annotators as part of the project overview, maintaining high standards at all times. We keep an eye on all the things that need to be done to keep the level of excellence that we want.

Resource Management

Our resource management services include planning, scheduling, and allocating resources for projects. We are client-focused, and transparent and ensure the management of projects in a strategic, sustainable and ethical manner. Learn more about resource management today.

Timely Delivery

We ensure high-quality labelled data and on-time delivery to meet your project requirements with the help of rigorously trained annotators, quality control, and AI-assisted workflows. Outsource your project for timely delivery, and it will be completed and delivered quickly online.

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