Custom Crowdsourcing

We facilitate custom data crowdsourcing by assigning data collection tasks to the public through clear instructions and sharing platforms. Cohort Data can also collaborate with crowdsourced data collection agencies to meet your specific needs.

Private Collection

Our AI/ML developers can collect data privately when the required dataset is small or contains sensitive information. This method is ideal when your project requires precise and tailored data collection due to its specific problem statement.

Pre-cleaned and Pre-packaged Data

We can source pre-cleaned and pre-existing datasets from the market for projects with less complex goals or narrower data requirements. Pre-packaged datasets are cost-effective, easy to implement, and save time compared to custom data collection.

Automated Data Collection

We also employ automated data collection techniques by utilizing software to gather data from various online sources. Some popular methods of automating data collection include.

Text Data Collection

Our team collects and curates text data from various sources, ensuring a diverse and representative dataset for your NLP models.

Video Collection

It is to gather and curate large datasets of videos for various applications, including machine learning, computer vision, and data analysis. We source and compile video data tailored to your specific requirements, suitable for training computer vision and video analytics models.

Image Collection

Our experts gather and categorize relevant images to create high-quality datasets for your image recognition and classification models. The algorithms to gather and curate large datasets of images for various applications, including computer vision, machine learning, and data analysis.

Data Categorization

We classify and categorize your data into meaningful groups, ensuring accurate and consistent organization for improved model performance.

Data Classification

Our team applies advanced techniques to accurately classify your data, enabling more efficient training and validation of your machine learning models.

Data Segmentation

We perform data segmentation to divide your dataset into smaller, more manageable segments, streamlining the training and evaluation process.

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