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Understanding the industry an application will be used in is very important to designing, developing, and testing that application successfully. Products used in hospitals aren’t going to have the same needs and values that a social media application has. The end users, expectations, and usage reasons are very different between different industries. That’s why it’s important to have domain experts validating your product. At Cohort Data, we have experts in nearly every conceivable industry who keep themselves appraised of all emerging trends, new technologies, and customer needs.


If you’re in the E-Commerce industry, then your website is more than just a site. It’s a business critical, highly visible portal that integrates with multiple supply chains and payment systems. E-Commerce requires a large up-front investment that relies solely on 24/7 accessibility for a growing but fickle marketplace. Online users these days are increasingly savvy and often intolerant of haphazard shopping systems. Their alternatives are many, and the demand for E-Commerce is only increasing. A successful E-Commerce business can count on years of steady income, but only if it’s user friendly, highly performant, and reliable. Downtime experienced in the E-Commerce industry is a direct revenue loss for the company and can cause even more damage due to defamation of image. With a rapidly changing technical environment, businesses have a need to keep up with browser updates and additions, as well as portability between different platforms. Any number of issues can arise from middleware integration, payment systems, security, or even just a lack of mass appeal.

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Successful e-learning applications require much more than pretty pages with information on them. They need to be extremely easy to navigate, have clear instructions, and be compatible with all browsers, operating systems, and most mobile devices. The information must be presented in a way that is both engaging and motivating to learners, and the exams need to properly evaluate how well and how much the users learned, as well as the course itself. On top of that, the entire course and content management system (CMS) must be free of grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors since no one is going to want to learn from a website that contains such things. Proper validation of e-learning applications considers the courses and CMS from two perspectives. First, the course needs to have all of the necessary information related to the subject matter and meet the expectations (whether government or business) for providing certifications, continuing education (CE) credits, or other goals the application may have. Second, the course must be easily understood by even the most technically challenged, usable on the slowest connections, and draw the learner in so they will come back for more. Enrolling and paying for courses should have limited steps and clear instructions. Testing of e-learning goes beyond simple functional and usability tests and considers the characteristics of the learners themselves, the instructional design of the individual courses, the learnability of the course structure, and the engagement of the CMS itself.

Finance & Banking Testing Solutions

While many industries need good security, the financial and banking industry has significant security requirements. The data transferred back and forth could devastate millions of people or even entire countries if used maliciously in the wrong hands. For the same reasons, the accuracy of the mathematical processes used is paramount, making this industry very unique in comparison to most others. Banks and other financial firms rely on the availability of their computer systems and the accuracy of the data being processed. Data presentation both internally and externally is also of high importance. In today’s global markets, the systems are even more complex in both their architecture and their business and government regulation compliance needs. Secure coding practices are vital to protect the unique information and meet expanding security requirements. With the emergence of mobile banking trends, yet another layer of complexity and vulnerability is added on top of an already taxed indus

  • Large amounts of data processed
  • High importance
  • Global Markets
  • Complex systems
  • Top notch security
  • Frequent attack targets
  • Usability testing
  • Heavy regulations


To the lay person, testing games sounds like a dream job. But those of us in the industry of software development know that it requires a specific skillset and focus. Today’s games are bigger, faster, more realistic, and far more complex. The markets are expanding rapidly and users are more sophisticated than they ever have been in the past. The rapid rise of mobile gaming has added another layer of competiveness in this already highly competitive field. Due to licensing approvals from regulatory bodies such as the ESRB and PEGI, compliance testing is a vital and labor intensive component to the gaming industry. Each of the platforms that games can be released on have their own technical requirements checklists that dictate error message formatting, memory card usage, and the use of trademarked or copyrighted material. That’s just one of the many issues involved with testing games. Functional testing takes seemingly endless hours and requires attention to detail in a fast paced environment. With so many variables, defects are easy to miss and with the resources needed, it’s hard not to short-change the functional testing.

Healthcare Testing Solutions

The healthcare industry, not unlike some other industries, has a great deal of public pressure to reduce costs yet keep or improve quality. The ever-increasing number of federal, state, and local regulations continue to make those goals difficult at best. With more and more data being digitized, increased wireless communication, and the stampede of mobile device usage, testing healthcare products is becoming more complex, expensive, and time consuming. Lack of compliance to industry standards or regulations carry huge financial penalties and damage public trust.
Keeping up with the software demands in the healthcare industry requires the harnessing of new technologies to keep operational costs low and provide unique solutions to old and emerging problems. IHE initiatives provide standards but don’t help with implementation and maintenance costs. The need for the healthcare industry’s services isn’t ever going away, but that doesn’t mean competition isn’t a factor. Patients, insurance companies, healthcare professionals, and facilities are constantly looking for ways to speed up processing while maintaining strict adherence to regulations, and keeping up with security requirements.

Media And Entertainment

The digital media evolution requires media and entertainment companies to keep up with the demands of their customers or lose their business to one of the hundreds of competitors. People are consuming more media now than ever before, in more locations as well as on varied devices. Whether it’s the business man checking stocks while on the train, the student studying courses on the bus, or the average reader taking in the next novel on their tablet, consumers are now multiplatform and eager to find new and fresh content available at their fingertips. The pressure for the Media and Entertainment Industry to keep a persistent presence in multiple delivery channels on both high speed and less than ideal networks calls for new distribution models. What devices do you target, and for which audience? Can the networks handle the bandwidth needs? Where are the bottlenecks and how do we fix them? Can we guarantee consistent consumption rates? How do we utilize cloud services adequately? All of these questions and more plague the industry as customer’s expectations continue to increase. Distributed content systems need to be versatile and highly scalable to keep up with the huge shifts while driving growth and increasing performance.

Mobile and Wireles

The mobile and wireless industry is at the center of technological advancements today and the current digital revolution. Challenges related to high speed voice and data transfer over a variety of networks burden many providers, forcing them to make difficult decisions to cut costs and remain competitive.
Mobile and wireless providers have to determine the answers to a host of questions. What devices will they support? What geography will they target? Which platforms will they use? What carriers will they work with? The answers to these questions and so many more help to determine the success or failure of a project. The reliability and scalability of devices and networks is of utmost importance in this industry in particular. In order to match the growing demands of the eager customer base, applications must be able to handle the influx of video and audio services offered by other providers, while keeping the cost of operations low. If a pricing plan is too high, or reliability too low, customers will quickly jump to one of the many competitors. Cutting-edge technology is moving target these days with industry businesses striving to have the next epic device or application.

Cohort Data has been at the forefront of mobile and wireless testing. Our mobile testing lab is rivaled by no other, stocked full of all of the most popular mobile devices. Instead of using emulators, we use the devices in-hand to offer a unique advantage in compatibility testing to find issues that device emulators miss. Our lab is also capable of testing on an array of mobile, wireless, and satellite networks in order to better validate the performance and scalability of your applications in real-world scenarios using the actual devices. Cohort Data’s industry experts keep up-to-date with emerging wireless trends and third party testing applications to better evaluate and test mobile and wireless software and keep your company a step ahead, while verifying compliance with all certification guidelines.

Social Media Web Testing Solutions

The social media explosion has made it clear that it’s an important tool for interactions with current and future customers in both local and global markets. Effective analysis and usage can bring countless new opportunities and win new prospects across the world. Both new and established businesses can achieve and maintain their brand positioning across multiple media platforms, but only if their applications capture user interest and remain interactive and engaging for the long term.
In order to maximize acceptance and usage from prospects, businesses need to support different target platforms while maintaining the flexibility to improve or upgrade the user experience. Usability testing and integration testing are key aspects on which to focus time and effort. They could be the difference between an attempt and a success. Many website integrate with various social media in order to share sales, articles, news, and other information quickly and expansively. If a business can do it successfully, they’ll create lasting connections and brand loyalty.

Travel & Leisure Testing Solutions

Despite economy woes, the travel and leisure industry is picking up. The challenges remain the same, but for different reasons. There is a lot of competition out there, and customers are looking for enhanced solutions that are speedy, intuitive, accurate, affordable and secure. Applications in this industry are under stress 24/7 due to their inherent global nature, and most require some of kind security for handling payments, or even just private user information.
For applications in this industry, security and performance are keys to their success. The social media explosion can turn even minor missteps into global catastrophes. While it’s true that memories are often short, the time period that a company takes a hit can spell millions in lost revenues. Downtime can’t be tolerated, and security must be locked down tight.
Guest demographics have changed as well. Their needs and expectations fluctuate with new trends, not the least of which are a desire for a personalized experience and excessive usage of mobile apps. For the traveler, mobility is paramount. Travel applications need to work seamlessly between networks, offer meaningful notifications, and provide an enriching and fulfilling experience for the user.
If your application handles payment or other secure information, Cohort Data’s security testing experts can help you achieve the peace of mind you want, and the security your customers deserve. People are using their mobile devices for nearly everything now, including travel booking and payments. It’s for that reason Cohort Data has developed a fully equipped mobile testing lab that relies on the actual devices instead of emulators. With a convergence of mobile and security testing, we can help you make sure all of your customer information is safe from malicious attacks.
Our performance engineering experts know all of the tricks of the trade to weed out inefficiencies, locate bottlenecks, and verify scalability of computer and mobile applications. Whether you deal in car rentals, theatre tickets, or travel guides, you want to ensure that your brand is at the fingertips of anyone who wants it, at any time they desire. Cohort Data can help you do that.